How To Fix The Errors On SoundCloud 

Soundcloud is well-known music platform with millions of tracks. Users record, upload, promote and share their own-created sounds. It has approx 150 million downloads on play store. However, this app has also some common issues like other apps as login issues, loading problem, playback issues and many more.

This post will give you the potential solution to fix all those issues so that you can enjoy SoundCloud without getting interrupted.  

1. Playback Problem 

If you are facing playback issues on your device like track editing and skipping, these tips can helpful for you. 

  •     Log out your app. 
  •     Go to the settings and click force stop to stop the app. 
  •     Click “clear cache” under the menu. 
  •     Restart your device. 
  •     Now open the app and log in. 

2.    App Not Working 

To resolve this issue kindly clear data and cache. You can also follow the steps-  

  •     Open the settings of your device. 
  •     Open apps or app manager. 
  •     Now look for theSoundCloudapp.  
  •     Clear all cache and reboot it immediately. On clearing cache and data, some apps data will be deleted automatically. 
  •     Google service framework stores the data on your device. It makes them functioning properly. Go to Settings> Application Manager> Google Service Framework> Force Stop> Clear Cache. And finally, reboot your device. 

3.    Audio Is Not Loading. 

If you don’t give all permissions to your app, then they don’t interact with your USB and device storage. 

  •     Open settings of your device. 
  •     Open app manager. 
  •     Check all apps. 
  •     Open menu. 
  •     Now reset app preferences. 

4.    Slow Loading 

To resolve this issue, you should clear RAM and internal storage of your device.  

  •     Open the settings of your device. 
  •     Open the app manager. 
  •     Look for all the Google play services apps. 
  •     Clear the cache and data on rebooting your device. 

5.    Miscellaneous Errors 

If you are experiencing issues with using Google services OR Google Play Music Customer Support like hangouts, spaces, google plus or play store or anyone else then you should follow these processes which could fix these problems. 

  •     Open settings> security> device administration> deactivate android device manager. 
  •     Uninstall the updates ongoing settings> apps>googleplay services.  
  •     Keep all apps updated. 
  •     Go to settings> security> device administration> activate android device manager. 
  •     Reboot your device. 

I hope these tips would definitely resolve your issues. If you want more information and resolving tips you can visit this site